Rattlesnake Aversion training in and around Prescott, Az. 

Rattlesnake Aversion training in and around Prescott, Az.

We all wish to protect our four-legged pets from danger as dog owners. Living in the state of Arizona, unfortunately increases your dogs chances of getting bitten. Due to their natural curiosity and intrigue, dogs in particular are more likely to bite. This is why rattlesnake avoidance training is very important for your dogs safety and well being. Rattlesnake Aversion training in and around Prescott, Az.

Rattlesnake Bites and the Risk to Dogs.

There are poisonous snakes called rattlesnakes that live in and near Prescott, Arizona. 13 different species of rattlesnakes reside in Arizona, and are most active from April through October, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Snake venom can be deadly to dogs so swiftly responding to a bite is very important.

The following are signs of a rattlesnake bite in dogs:

Bruising and discomfort at the biting location drooling, quickly breathing, Lethargy or weakness, loss of consciousness , and or collapsing.Get veterinarian care a.s.a.p. if you think your dog has been bitten by a rattler.

The Value of Aversion Rattlesnake training.

Rattlesnake avoidance training could save your dog’s life. With the right avoidance training, your dog will be able to identify rattlesnakes by scent, appearance, and sound, hopefully avoiding them in the future. The chance of being bitten can be significantly decreased by this kind of training. It is not a guarantee but it is definitely insurance.

Statistics on Rattlesnake Bites Rattlesnake Aversion training in and around Prescott, Az.

The Arizona Game and Wildlife Department reports that in 2020, there were 989 cases of rattlesnake bites on dogs in Arizona. Although many occurrences go unreported, this statistic might not represent all instances.

Since smaller dogs tend to explore and get into small areas more than larger dogs, smaller dogs tend to have a higher risk of a bite than larger dogs.


Dogs can potentially  die from rattlesnake bites, which is why taking precautions to safeguard your four-legged friend should be high on your priority list at the beginning of each year. Training your dog to avoid snakes can lessen the possibility of your dog being bitten and give you, the dog owner, peace of mind. Please get in touch with Off Leash K9 Training Prescott right away if you’re interested in teaching your dog to avoid rattlesnakes. We hold a course annually. Email Tom the owner at [email protected].

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