Unleashing the Best: Finding Top Pet Groomers in Prescott, AZ with Online Directories

Unleashing the Best: Finding Top Pet Groomers in Prescott, AZ with Online Directories

The article discusses the role of online directories, such as Yelp, in helping pet owners in Prescott, AZ find reliable pet groomers, and provides an overview of the top 10 pet groomers in the area based on Yelps directory.

Unleashing the Best: Finding Top Pet Groomers in Prescott, AZ with Online Directories

The Best Pet Groomers in Prescott, AZ

The Role of Online Directories in Finding Pet Groomers

When looking for pet groomers in Prescott, AZ, online directories like Yelp make the search easier. These platforms not only provide a list of pet groomers in the area, but they also offer user-generated reviews and ratings that help pet owners make informed decisions. Yelp’s filters are particularly useful as they allow users to search for groomers offering specific services such as bath and groom only, full grooming, and haircut only.

Yelp also features sponsored and recommended pet groomers. For instance, Yvonne’s Pet Grooming and PetSmart are among the top suggestions on Yelp for Prescott, AZ.

Top 10 Pet Groomers in Prescott, AZ

According to Yelp, the top 10 pet groomers in Prescott, AZ are Al’s Lucky Dog Grooming, Waggin Wheels, Shearly Pawsitive Grooming, Pet’s 1st Choice, Blue Quail VIP Pet Services, Morgan Mobile Pet Grooming, C Bar C Doggie Dude Ranch, Posh Pups Pet Grooming, At Matt’s Pet Grooming, and Yvonne’s Pet Grooming.

These establishments have earned their places by consistently providing high-quality services, as reflected in their positive reviews and ratings on Yelp. Each offers a variety of grooming services, catering to the specific needs of different pets.

Spotlight on Yvonne’s Pet Grooming

Yvonne’s Pet Grooming is a renowned pet grooming establishment in Prescott, AZ, with over 40 years of service to the community. They offer a range of services, including full grooming, flea and tick shampoo, nail clipping, ear cleaning and trimming, haircuts, sanitary care, and teeth brushing.

Located at 718 W Gurley St., Prescott, AZ 86305, Yvonne’s Pet Grooming can be reached at 928-445-7244. They also offer employment opportunities, further details of which can be found on their website.

Spotlight on All Paws Mobile Pet Grooming

All Paws Mobile Pet Grooming stands out by offering mobile grooming services in Prescott, AZ. This means they bring their services right to the pet owner’s door, providing a stress-free grooming experience for both pets and their owners.

Their services include bathing, brushing, and nail trimming. To schedule an appointment with All Paws Mobile Pet Grooming, you can reach them at 928-445-9494.

Petco’s Range of Pet Services in Prescott, AZ

Apart from individual pet groomers, big-box stores like Petco also offer grooming services in Prescott, AZ. In addition to grooming, they provide veterinary services, dog training, and pet adoptions.

Petco features multiple brands for both dogs and cats, offering a wide range of products including food, treats, health and wellness products, and supplies. They also offer pharmacy services for pets, including managing pet prescriptions, flea and tick medications, and various pet medications for dogs, cats, and horses.


Selecting the right groomer is essential for your pet’s comfort and health. With the help of online directories like Yelp and the array of services offered by pet grooming establishments in Prescott, AZ, pet owners can make an informed choice. Whether you prefer a grooming salon like Yvonne’s Pet Grooming, a mobile service like All Paws Mobile Pet Grooming, or a one-stop-shop like Petco, there’s a perfect fit for every pet’s needs.

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